Friday, July 15, 2011


Joe Bright
Damon Butler
The last day of Butler Academy was an exciting day. All of the campers had individual conversations with Mr. Wilson Butler. Then Mr. Butler talked to everyone as a group about how he came from working in the fields to working for the government. After, Mr. Butler's speach, his son, Mr. Damon gave the campers a lesson on how to be successful in life. In his lesson he told the campers 5 things they need to be successful in life (Show up, On time, Be prepared, With a plan, and Use your talents). After Mr.Damon Butler spoke to us we had a chance to talk to Mr.Troy Butler and his partner Mr. Joe Bright. During there time with us they expressed the importance of respect and discipline. They also had a chance to watch a video about the first day of school for a State trooper. After the video they also learned how to think and walk like a state trooper.

Wilson Butler
Troy Butler

                         "I really had a good time at Butler Academy, because we played some basketball. I made some freinds at the Nutler Academy. I haf fun playing with them and doing other things. I had a fun time at the brazillian steak house. I had good food and I got to talk to Mr. Butler. 

                                                          By: Caleb Mitchell  

I really had a good time at Butler Academy this week I mostly liked going to Upper Room Christian Academy to play basketball. I also liked going to Brasa. Basketball was fun because I got to meet Coach Lester again. Brasa helped me to use my manners at the table. The math helped me to prepared for the 6th grade. Science made me leaen new things. I had a great experience at Butler Academy because of the freinds I made and the new things I learned.

                                                BY: Immanuel Bynum-Guess                                         


Today was another successful day at the Butler Academy. All the campers had a wonder experience by going to Brasa, the Brazilian stake house in Brier Creek. At Brasa the campers tried many foods. However, their favorite seemed to be the bread! When the campers were at Brasa the Butler family took the time to come and spend time with the campers. Everyone had to stand up and tell the Butler family their name, what school they go to, what grade they are going to, and one interesting fact about themselves. The Butler family was impressed with some of the campers’ interest. When the Butler family had to leave, the campers were disappointed because of all the interesting stories that the butlers brought. Also, because that meant they had leave and go learn. When the campers came back to the church they learned about acid and bases and participated in chemical projects. The campers’ favorite part was drinking the experiment when they were done. All the campers left Butler Academy with another smile because they met the Butler family and had a free Gatorade.  
By: Dewayne Washington Jr.  

After the experiment we cleaned up and got ready for another exciting day of basketball. When we went to Upper Room Christian Academy we met up with Coach Lester. Coach Lester taught the campers how to dribble, shoot, and show good sportsmanship. When the campers finally got on the court they got rite into choosing teams. Once that was settled they began playing in an intense game of basketball and we quickly found out which team was the best (yellow) . Not long after they started playing, they were greeted by Mr. Butler. However, he wasn’t there to just to say hi, he was there to play. Mr. Butler shot around with the campers and showed them “his moves”.   After a quick game of basketball with the campers it was time for us to leave. When in the van the campers started to have a intense conversation about who really the best team. All in all it was another exciting day at Butler Academy.

By: Christopher White

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So, today was my first day at the Butler Academy. I really liked the academy because they teach you how to treat people in a nice way and to use your manners. They also taught me and my friends about math and science. The teacher, Mr. Franklin, was a very smart guy and I liked him. I like how they have team leaders. It is good they have them so they teacher will not have to do everything themselves and the team leaders were really cool. I want to be like them and be a team leader one day. We go play basketball at 4:00, and I can’t wait to show off my skills. I also, liked the academy because it is at a church.
                                       BY: DEVIN ABRON

Today was my first day at the Butler Academy.  The academy started off kind of slow because the other kids took a long time to come, but when they did arrive to the academy started to get fun.  First, we had math, I was kind of scared to answer questions and talking to people and our first break I didn’t know who to talk to so, I just talked to my team leader. My team leader, Jameson, was the best. He was very funny and played with me! He was even a great problem solver. After first break I started meeting friends and they nice and helpful too. My first friend talked to me at snack time in the morning. My second friend helped me fix my airplane when I was folding it wrong. Then, we had lunch, it was fun because we watched videos and listened to music. Mr. Franklin, the teacher of butler academy, helped me understand a lot today. I REALLY LIKED HIM TOO!! I am really looking forward for tomorrow, I hope it will be like today because I made a lot of friends.

                                                            BY: BRYANT MILLER